Fluffy Friends まばたき88はKurumi Suginoによるぬいぐるみブランド。

Fluffy Friends Mabataki88
This is a brand of stuffed toys produced by Kurumi Sugino.

"Mabataki" is a Japanese word meaning "blink" and "88" is pronounced "pachi-pachi," which Japanese people use this sound as an expression of the movement of blink.
The artist makes stuffed toys with inspirations while wandering between what is seen and unseen. All stuffs are handmade works based on the original design as well as the pattern.
Stuffed animals have fascinated the artist since she was a child. After graduating from Tama Art University's Department of Product Design, she decided to own her brand and make stuffed toys. In 2021, she started working as Mabataki 88, and exhibited her works mainly in pop-ups, and events at department stores. She has a unique talent, seeing things from different perspectives gained from studying design at college and constructing creative ideas.
2023 welcome to Osaka「nui shop」/ 阪神百貨店梅田本店
    DESIGN FESTA vol.58 / 東京ビッグサイト
2024 「お気に入り時間」/ 博多阪急ユトリエ


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